Facilitation Counter has been set up in the Ministry of Coal , outside the security zone for dissemination of information to the public. The public can access unclassified information from a single source without entering the building. The public can also submit their grievances at the counter. Presently information on subjects like organisational setup of the Ministry, Subordinate organisations, Public sector undertakings, Policies and guidelines, Acts, Orders and Amendments, Definition of terms, statistics etc. are being disseminated at IFC. The system at IFC generates useful statistics like number of enquiries or grievances handled by the IFC staff, total number of such cases received by the Ministry. It generates a report on all types of queries pending in the Ministry at various stages. Detailed summary of cases disposed, pending, under process of each dealing officer can be generated. These printouts are sent on weekly basis to the concerned officer for review, updation on periodic basis.

Contact person Shri Durga Prasad
Telephone No. 011-23386867
Location Garage No.23, Near Gate No.2, Shastri Bhawan,N.Delhi