Requisites under Section 11(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957

While applying for the proposed notification under section 11 (1) of the CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 for the allotted block, the Government Company must ensure that the following requisites are enclosed/ fulfilled. Deficient proposal will not be taken for processing.

  • Application requesting MOC for issue of Gazette notification under section 11(1) giving details of coal block and copy of section 4(1), 7(1) and 9(1) notification of the coal block.
  • A draft order under Section 11(1) of the CBA Act in respect of the coal block / area in English and in Hindi (both hard copy as well as soft copy). (Specimen of the draft notification is given at Format No . 4A).
  • The draft order under section 11(1) must contain all the terms & conditions given in the notification Format 4A.