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स्क्रीन रीडर का उपयोग

नीतियां और दिशानिर्देश

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Policies and Guidelines
Subject File Type File Size
28/06/2018 Loss of Quantity of Coal while transportation pdf 89.09 KB
28/06/2018 Methodology for Linkage Rationalization for independent Power Producers(IPPs) pdf 330.56 KB
28/06/2018 Guidelines ralating to issue of LoA/allocation of caol on "Tapering basis" to various consumers pdf 165.95 KB
28/06/2018 Guidelines/Policy relating to issue of Letter of Assurance (LOA)/allocation of coal on "tapering basis" to various comsumers of Power, Cement and Sponge Iron pdf 295.69 KB
28/06/2018 New Coal Distribution Policy pdf 936.58 KB
28/06/2018 Report of the new Inter-Ministerial Task Force (IMTF) on Rationalization of sources of Coal to Power Sector pdf 1.22 MB
28/06/2018 Auction of linkages of Non-Regulated Sector pdf 294.44 KB
09/05/2018 Guidelines for preparation of Mining Plan for coal blocks. pdf 72.82 KB
27/09/2016 New Coal Distribution Policy - Amendment regarding increasing the annual cap of coal through State Nominated Agencies and amending phrase of small and medium sector - regarding pdf 81.03 KB
29/06/2016 Addition of IIT, Khargpur and IIEST, Shibpur as agencies for Assessment and Certification of works done of Mine Closure Activities of coal and lignite mines as per approved Mine Closure Plan (Progressive & Final) - regarding. pdf 462.47 KB
18/02/2016 Policy for automatic transfer of coal linkage/Letter of Assurance (LoA) granted to the old plants while scrapping and replacing them with new plants- regarding. pdf 22.09 KB
08/02/2016 Policy guidelines for grant of 'Bridge Linkage' to specified end-use plants of Central and State Public Sector Undertakings (Both in Power as well as Non-Power sector) which have been allotted coal mines/ blocks. pdf 49 KB
16/07/2015 Guidelines for preparation of Mining Plan for the Coal pdf 18.37 KB
10/11/2014 Meeting of the IMC to formulate a policy on coal rejects allocation for washery reject based power plants – regarding. pdf 1.39 MB
05/05/2014 Quality Policy Of Ministry of Coal, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA pdf 58.79 KB
05/09/2013 New Coal Distribution Policy - Amendment regarding validity of 15 of Assurance (LoAs) issued thereunder pdf 67.79 KB
26/07/2013 Further Instructions regd. Implementation of New Coal Distribution Policy pdf 63.51 KB
26/04/2011 Colliery Control Order pdf 11.7 KB
26/04/2011 Coal Mining by State pdf 1019.38 KB
26/04/2011 Trial E-Marketting by Coal Companies of CIL pdf 496.78 KB
26/04/2011 Pricing of Coal pdf 8.67 KB
26/04/2011 Coal Distribution pdf 9.55 KB
26/04/2011 Policy regarding Coal linkages pdf 11.63 KB
26/04/2011 Coal Legislation pdf 20.57 KB
26/04/2011 Guidelines for setting up coal washeries pdf 1.12 MB
26/04/2011 Foreign Direct Investment in Coal pdf 300.86 KB
26/04/2011 Export Import of Coal pdf 13.91 KB
26/04/2011 Exploration of Coal pdf 15.13 KB
26/04/2011 Eligibility to Coal Mining pdf 21.48 KB
06/04/2011 Guidelines for preparation of Mining plan for the coal and lignite blocks pdf 265.94 KB
27/08/2009 Guidelines for preparation of Mine Closure Plan pdf 1.65 MB