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Production & Supplies


Through sustained programme of investment and greater thrust on application of modern technologies, it has been possible to raise the All India production of coal at 675.40 million tonnes in 2017-18 (Provisional). The all India Production of coal during APR-MAR 2018-19 were 730.35 MT (Provisional) with a positive growth was 7.9%.

Coal India Limited (CIL) and its subsidiaries accounted for 567.36 million tonnes during 2017-18 as against a production of 554.14 million tonnes in 2016-17 showing a growth of 2.4%. CIL production of coal during APR-MAR 2019 were 606.89 MT(Provisional) with a positive growth was 7.0%.

Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL) is the main source for supply of coal to the southern region. The company produced 62.01 million tonnes of coal during 2017-18 as against 61.34 million tonnes during the corresponding period last year. Small quantities of coal are also produced by TISCO, IISCO, DVC and others. SCCL production of coal during APR-MAR 2019 were 64.41 MT(Provisional)with a positive growth was 3.9%.



Production Offtake/Dispatch*
Company Target Ach. (Prov) Actual During Cores
period of previous year
Growth (%) Target Ach. (Prov.) Actual During Cores
period of previous year
Growth (%)
CIL 660.00 517.78 527.69 -1.9 660.00 528.27 548.53 -3.7
SCCL 67.0 58.10 57.93 0.3 68.00 57.42 61.29 -6.3
Captive* 73.00 50.76 44.55 13.9 73.00 50.70 44.55 13.8
Others* 10.00 6.35 6.91 -8.2 -10.00 6.36 6.93 -8.3
Total 810.00 633.00 637.09 -0.6 811.00 642.77 661.27 -2.8
Source: CCO, CIL & SCCL
Note: Production and Offtake of CIL is including Gare Palma IV/1 and IV 2&3 and production of captive is excluding these blocks.


The Marketing Division of CIL coordinates marketing activities for all its subsidiaries. CIL has set up Regional Sales Offices and Sub-Sales Offices at selected places in the country to cater to the needs of the consuming sectors in various regions.


As per the present Import policy, coal can be freely imported (under Open General Licence) by the consumers themselves considering their needs based on their commercial prudence.

Coking Coal is being imported by Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and other Steel manufacturing units mainly to bridge the gap between the requirement and indigenous availability and to improve the quality. Coal based power plants, cement plants, captive power plants, sponge iron plants, industrial consumers and coal traders are importing non-coking coal. Coke is imported mainly by Pig-Iron manufacturers and Iron & Steel sector consumers using mini-blast furnace.

Details of import of coal and products i.e. coke during the last six years is as under:

(Million tonnes)

*Import upto December, 2019
Coal 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19(Prov.) 2019-20*(Prov.)
Coking Coal 43.72 44.56 41.64 47.00 51.84 38.80
Non-Coking Coal 174.07 159.39 149.31 161.27 183.40 147.84
Total Coal Import 217.78 203.95 190.95 208.27 235.24 186.64
Coke 3.29 3.07 4.35 4.58 4.93 2.23