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Section 11i | Ministry of Coal, Government of India
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Section 11i

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Requisites under Section 11(1) of CBA (A&D) Act, 1957

While applying for the proposed notification under section 11 (1) of the CBA (A&D) Act, 1957 for the allotted block, the Government Company must ensure that the following requisites are enclosed/ fulfilled. Deficient proposal will not be taken for processing.

  1. Application requesting MOC for issue of Gazette notification under section 11(1) giving details of coal block and copy of section 4(1), 7(1) and 9(1) notification of the coal block.
  2. A draft order under Section 11(1) of the CBA Act in respect of the coal block / area in English and in Hindi (both hard copy as well as soft copy). (Specimen of the draft notification is given at Format No . 4A).
  3. The draft order under section 11(1) must contain all the terms & conditions given in the notification Format 4A.